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We created Supplementalinsure.com to be a source of information and help about supplemental medical insurance. Everyone can benefit from being relieved of the burden of the unpaid portion of their medical expenses. With so much of the financial responsibility of Medicare and other health insurance being shared by the insured, supplemental medical coverage is a necessity these days.

One type of coverage you can purchase, Medigap, offers a set of options so you can obtain just the protection you need, and not a penny's worth more. With packages A through J, you can match your needs pretty closely. Many millions of retired people opt for this type of coverage.

Supplemental medical insurance can even be used as your primary coverage if the cost of a major medical policy is too expensive. The more affordable policy may not cover you for as high a benefit cap, but is preferable to no insurance at all. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, this is one way to obtain coverage and not be penalized. It may take up to one year before you can file a claim in order to receive benefits.

Another type of insurance assistance is available is for dental coverage. Dental expenses are usually larger as we get older and can sometimes max out a credit card with just a visit or two. You can avoid running up unmanageable and high interest rate credit card bills when you seek the protection of dental supplemental insurance.

Regardless of your particular medical or dental insurance needs, it is always wise to shop online for the best rates and coverage. It is the intelligent way to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in expenses by shopping for the best rates and coverage. Get the information you need here at Supplementalinsure.com, in the form of coverage comparisons and quick rate quotes.


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Although supplemental insurance does not cover all types of medical services, it can provide affordable basic coverage if cost is an issue.